Writing paper with box

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Writing paper with box

Portable boxes for writing materials had existed for many centuries and in many cultures. However it was not until the last decades of the 18th century that the socio-economic circumstances in England necessitated the wide use of a portable desk in the form of a box which could be used on a table or on one's lap.

Although quality, ornament and form did play an important part in its selection as a personal item, it is the purpose for which it was used which gave prominence to the writing box, at a time of expanding intellectual curiosity, communication, literacy and increased commercial activity.

The writing box was an item of style and fashion yes, but it was also an item connected with intelligence, commerce and world awareness. From the end of the 18th, to the end of the 19th century, the writing box featured prominently on military expeditions, travels, libraries and in drawing rooms.

Great literature as well as dispatches, contracts, letters and postcards were written on its sloping surface. Through it both business and personal activity were transacted. Unlike the writing desk or table it was a personal and not a household possession. This box has accessories for both writing and dressing.

It would have had everything a lady needed! Mahogany late 18th century writing box the top inlaid with maple inlay depicting a patera and edged with a cross banding in laburnum to the top. The box has drop side handles and a side drawer for papers.

Inside there is a leather covered writing surface and further compartments for papers and writing implements. An early 19th century partridgewood writng box with inlaid banding and decorated with a hand coloured engraving depicting a winged Victory ahead of a Classical laurelled hero riding in his chariot, having side carrying handles a drawer, inner velvet writing surface and places for writing materials and accessories.

A George III penwork and rosewood writing slope of rare and complex form, the pyramided top decorated with a colored engraving depicting a classical theme.

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The box has two compartmentalized drawers to the sides. The top opens to a sloping writing surface with replacement leather writing surface and a lift out pen tray.

There is a compartment for storing papers beneath the writing surface. The particular form makes the box ideal for personal correspondence. The raised lid would allow the box to be closed with a half written letter still in situe.

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The box could be locked for privacy. Boxes combining pen work with rosewood are rare. We document a few in our book Antique Boxes Tea Caddies, and Society, which may be from the same workshop.Printed writing paper, matching lined envelopes, address labels and envelope seals for letter-writing like it used to be - all you need is the perfect pen!

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writing paper with box

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writing paper with box
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