Why was hitler so popular in germany essay

Hitler had total power in Germany, unrestricted by any constitutional constraints. The headline implied even more, however, than the major change in the constellation of power.

Why was hitler so popular in germany essay

Why was hitler so popular in germany essay

Although he wasn't German He Was Austrian. Hitler wasn't even that popular, he dragged them into WW2 and killed billions of jewish people among others like Blacks, Gypsies and disabled people.

He was a cruel judgemental person. Have you ever heard of the Senate? So nothing like the Fuhrer, the enabling act of meant that Hitlers powers became much more substancial than a presidents. He wasnt fuhrer till after Hindenbergs death.

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His popularity was waining it true, however on 30th January he still had huge support throughout Germany. As to the OP's question. Well I suppose you must look at it from the point of view of the Germans, not an outsider is that possible?

A hugely influencing factor. Also what must be remembered is that all these rallies and these actions that happened in Germany in the lead up to Hitlers accesion to Chancellor all revolved around the idea of ' 's German Fascism' It may seem unbelievable now, but Hitler was using ideas that fitted the place and time.

If fascism reared its head now yes I know we have a measly little fascism party in britain in Britain it would be '21th Century British Fascism'.


I think it is important to remember that fascism has many faces not just the steriotype supported by Hitlers actions.

In Germany, Hitler recieved much support from industrialists, simply because the communist threat if successful would mean the loss of their businesses unacceptable for them.

So hitler got alot of funding and leeway from these industrialists many of whom were Jewish. The people in Germany were astounded by the SA's organisation i forget the spelling but it stood for something like the 'sturmabteilung' they were so organised in a time or extreme disarray after the th October Wall Street Crash, after which american loans were recalled.

Also the failures of the Weimar Republic and its docility was a rather pressing issue. People felt that this method of government wasnt working proportional representation and all that Also the government hadnt done much allthough credit should be given to Stresseman for his achievements to help the people, people wanted a strong hand, which would bring about the divolution of the terms of the ToV.

Im sure there are other points, but time is pressing.Reasons Why Nazis Came to Power in There are several factors that enabled the Nazi party, with Hitler as its leader, was able to come to power in Germany in There are 5 main reasons involved history, economics, politics and the personality of Hitler.

A lot of Germans hated Jews so Hitler also blamed the Jews for losing World War 1, so he promised to get rid of them.

He offered them hope and promised to restore Germany's power and excellence. Hitler had a gifted talent of delivering inspiring speeches saying how great Germany was. In this essay I will talk about three reasons why Hitler and the Nazi party gained and sustained so much power for so long. Hitler was able to gain and sustain his power that resulted in the holocaust by taking advantage of Germany’s weakness after the First World War, speaking out against the Jewish population, propagating his political.

Anyhow, it is still evident from the elections of that the economic crisis and the Weimar Government’s weak response were both reasons why people in Germany sought help from extremists, increasing Nazi popularity and allowing Hitler to come to power in Why do you think he was so successful at this?

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“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. ” – Adolf Hitler (1). The Führer Myth How Hitler Won Over the German People. "Hitler for Germany -- all of Germany of Hitler" ran the slogan.

and even more so of the Party. "For Adolf Hitler .

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