The weapons of destruction in the medieval civilizations

Bronze significantly contributed to the ancient world and helped cultures of MesopotamiaEgypt, Greece, Rome, Indus and China flourish.

The weapons of destruction in the medieval civilizations

See Article History Weapon, an instrument used in combat for the purpose of killing, injuring, or defeating an enemy. A weapon may be a shock weapon, held in the hands, such as the clubmace, or sword.

It may also be a missile weapon, operated by muscle power as with the javelin, slingand bow and arrowmechanical power as with the crossbow and catapultor chemical power as with the rocket and missile and such guns as the cannonrifleand pistol.

Weapons may also be classified as conventional, destroying by kinetic energy as with the bullet or by chemical energy as with the bomb and grenade.

The nonconventional category comprises nuclear weapons, such as the atomic bomb and thermonuclear bombas well as weapons of chemical warfare and biological warfare. All the aforementioned are offensive weapons, but such defensive measures as fortification, armour, and the helmet have also been considered weapons.

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Weapons have been carried and delivered by a wide variety of vehicles, often called weapon platforms. These have included such naval craft as the ship of the linebattleship, submarineand aircraft carrier; aircraft such as the fighter, bomberand helicopter; and ground vehicles such as the chariot and tank.

The history of weapons of war is treated in the article military technology.

The weapons of destruction in the medieval civilizations

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:The Romans described the civilizations that lived beyond their borders as savage “barbarians,” but these ancient tribes were anything but primitive.

Few barbarian weapons inspired more horror.

The Battle-Axe

Online shopping for Books from a great selection of Europe, Americas, World, Military, Asia, Ancient Civilizations & more at everyday low prices. Ancient and medieval weapons reflected rapid changes in metalworking, production, and the evolving needs of soldiers.

They needed to be sturdy, easy to make, powerful, light, and not rust or . Top 10 popular ancient weapons that were used in the Ancient wars.

Spartan Hoplon Shield, Khopesh, Shotel were some of the popular ancient weapons It is believed to have been originated during the medieval times and withstood the western influence during the 19th century. Many Ancient civilizations.

The weapons of destruction in the medieval civilizations

For the purposes of the prevention of weapons proliferation, the U.S. Code defines weapons of mass destruction as "chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and chemical, biological, and nuclear materials used in the manufacture of such weapons".

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