The silent language edward t hall

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The silent language edward t hall

They acted in all sorts of ways that struck you as irrational, frustrating, and eventually annoying.

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They stood too close to you, or too far away. Their voices were too loud, or too soft. They were vague about such basics as time, distance, and probabilities.

And after months of this disorienting behavior all around you, you may have wondered whether you were going mad. In a sense, you were. This concept was brought home to Americans by returning Peace Corps volunteers in the s and s. Because volunteers had been immersed by design in local cultures, they brought culture shock to light for many Americans.

Fortunately, even before the first Peace Corps volunteers were posted overseas, a cultural anthropologist named Edward T. Hall had studied the roots of culture shock in great detail and published his findings in a compelling book, The Silent Language. In my training program inThe Silent Language was required reading.

Hall spent years exploring nonverbal communication. With examples drawn from the U. I went just as crazy as anyone.

Those insights made it possible for me to get outside my white, middle-class skin during my later years of work in community organizing and political campaigns in districts with heavy ethnic minority populations.

The article prompted me to reread The Silent Language. Boy, was I surprised! To be sure, Hall had placed great emphasis on time and space as elements in intercultural communication.

Once Hall launched into a discussion of his theory, he started losing me. I stewed over this conundrum for several days. Then it hit me.

The silent language edward t hall

The simple truth is that Hall never intended for me to read or understand his theory. Instead, he was writing for an academic audience.

This helps me understand what has long puzzled me: Finally I understand how communication really works.

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Mal Warwick is a Berkeley, Calif.The silent language Edward Twitchell Hall Snippet view - The silent language, Volume Edward Twitchell Hall Snippet view - The Silent Language Edward Twitchell Hall Snippet view - The Silent Language - Monoskop.

Beyond Culture [Edward T. Hall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From a renowned American anthropologist comes a proud celebration of human capacities. For too long, people have taken their own ways of life for granted.

The silent language edward t hall

The Silent Language has ratings and 62 reviews. رغد said: أن تتعلم لغة بلد ما لا يؤهلك بصورة تامة لفهم اللغة ذاتها، هناك ما هو أبعد من مجرد ان تحفظ م /5.

The Silent Language - Monoskop. The Silent Language by Edward T. Hall In the everyday, but unspoken give-and-take of human relationships, the "silent language" plays a vitally important role. Here, a leading American anthropologist has analyzed the many qays in which people "talk" to one another without the use of words.

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