The history of computer networks information technology essay

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The history of computer networks information technology essay

Therefore, the minimum valid network ID is 1 and the host ID cannot be 0 as it refers the network segment there should be minimum of two hosts to broadcast a message, So, this number cannot be used as a single host ID.

Using this number of networks can be found which can work independently without help of Subnet mask it is impossible to connect the devices and build a communicate with each other.

IP address only cannot compose the devices to communicate with each other.

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IP address and subnet together helps us to create a network and make the devices to communicate with each other. There is a default subnet mask assigned to each class of IP address.

They are Class A- They are also just represented as IP address with dotted decimals. Variable-length subnet mask is nothing but when a sub-netted network is further sub-netted inorder to avoid wastage of IP address is called as VLSM Variable-length subnet mask.

The history of computer networks information technology essay

It was developed to circumvent the rapidly increasing routing tables in internet. Private IP addresses are used on local networks that can be home, school and business LANs including airports and hotels.

Private IP addresses cannot connect directly to the Internet. Likewise, computers outside the local network cannot connect directly to a device with a private IP. NAT hides the private IP numbers but can selectively transfer messages, providing security to the local network.

Class A ' It is obligatory that every single device must and should have an IP inorder to communicate with other devices. VLSM is used overcome the wastage of network. The usual Serial Interface uses DB connector.

DB on one side and Winchester-type connector on the end. The serial communication is used to transfer data bit by bit in sequential mode.

DB serial connector contains 60 pins. This mode helps to transfer data with respective to time. It makes the receiver to receive data in a appropriate series with no delay in packets. Router configure terminal Router config-if ip address Router config-if no shutdown This command is used to make the interface manually up.

Router config-if Bandwidth This command is used to fix the bandwidth or data rate for the interface. Router config-if clock rate This command is used to set the clock time of data rate.

This can be configured only on the Data communicating equipment side because this side is configured by the ISP Internet service provider. Router config-if nrzi-encoding This command is used encode the data in nrzi form and transfer the data.

The receiver should also follow the same encoding technique to recover the data.Published: Mon, 5 Dec Computer networks are very essential to todays globalization as the world evolves to an advanced planet in Information Technology.

One of the key contributing factors of the Information Technology rise in the world is network and data communication because technology’s advancement is not only on the gadgets but the system as well. The History Of The Network Layer Information Technology Essay.

Brad Randalson. Bellevue University. CISA-H Helene Hector. April 18th, Abstract. The History Of Artificial Neural Networks Information Technology Essay.

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D:\download \Downloads\images (20).jpg. Neural Networks have tree-like networks of nerve fibers called dendrites are connected to the cell body or soma, where the cell nucleus is located.

History Edit The chronology of significant computer-network developments includes: Computer networking may be considered a branch of electrical engineering, electronics engineering, telecommunications, computer science, information technology or computer engineering, However, most information in computer networks is carried in packets.

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Essay History of The Internet Phillip Johnson The Internet is a worldwide connection of thousands of computer networks. All of them speak the same language, TCP/IP, the standard protocol. The Internet allows people with access to these networks to share information and knowledge.

Essay on Information Technology. Research Paper on History of The Internet