The high altitude physiology physical education essay

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The high altitude physiology physical education essay

In this series I have been taking readers through the diagnostic and treatment phases of my care that began over 18 years ago when I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. Over the years, the combination of experiencing multiple fragility fractures along with an intense immersion into the study of bone pathophysiology has given me a unique understanding of this disease.

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It is my hope that this series has provided you with a better understanding of osteoporosis in general, plus a few "pearls" that you may be able to incorporate into your own quest for better bone health. If you have been reading the essays all along The reason for my delay in writing this episode of DX Severe Osteoporosis was that it evoked a bit of emotion within me.

It was definitely time to bring this series to a close as there are so many other important topics concerning bone loss to write about.

The high altitude physiology physical education essay

But my journey, from the time I was first diagnosed, through the intense tracking down of the possible causes of my severe bone loss, to finally implementing treatment and all those sleepless nights of the "fear of the unknown" in between was difficult to rehash and share in a public way.

I tried hard not to belabor things and I left out most of the emotional toll. Being side-lined by a chronic disease is difficult for anyone who has to go through it and it often becomes a huge part of her or his life. It did in mine. In retrospect, I am glad I embarked on this series but I am also happy to bring it to a close.

For example, one patient ask me last week if I ever went chasing leads down dead-end rabbit holes? For the better part of a year I chased osteopontine, a glycoprotein that is capable of activating integrins for a cell's attachment to bone.

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Osteopontine can form intermittent laminated plaques in bone and give what could be the appearance of zebra striping remember the Zebra Striping from Part IV?! Osteopontine also can cross-link with transglutaminase think gut damage from gluten sensitivity In addition, I also failed to describe all the supplements I used over the years, the results from using them, and a list of all the labs over of them!

Explaining all of this would have taken another fourteen chapters and I just didn't think anyone would want to sit through all of that. The bottom line from my five-plus years of intensive research into osteoporosis was that compounds such as alpha lipoic acid, NAC, and berberine to name a few are the most effective for balancing bone remodeling and improving skeletal health.

By working with these compounds plus diet changes and improved GI health to enhance bone health, I was able to raise bone density scores, substantially reduce bone resorption markers NTX, CTX, and DPDreduce fracturing, and return myself and others back to "normal" life activities.

For me, this included being able to return to Ironman triathlon competitions. I always referred to it as going from being a "Fragileman" to an "Ironman. By using a combination of diet, exercise, and specific supplements, I was able to turn around my patients' declining skeletal health and substantially reduce their fracture risk.

Out of this consistent success came the founding of OsteoNaturals. And finally, people often ask "Dr. McCormick, have you reversed your osteoporosis and what is your bone density? I fought tooth and nail to climb out of that deep dark hole and I certainly don't want to go back there.

Back then I would break a rib just leaning up against a wall.

The high altitude physiology physical education essay

Now I have returned to competing in road races and triathlons and the only walls that sometimes slow me down are the ones at the end of a marathon or an Ironman when I sometimes "hit the wall"! As to how my skeleton is doing? Well, you will just have to keep reading this final chapter My personal education into the inner workings of osteoporosis and success in treatment gave me the valuable skills I needed to help others with their bone loss.

OsteoNaturals, and the formulation of products designed specifically to target bone health, was the obvious next step.

I wanted to make a huge dent in the sides of osteoporosis At times, my education was a bit painful Thank you for tuning in and trusting OsteoNaturals. We had been through a lot together over the years.Honors Honors Program in the School of Biological Sciences.

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High altitude to a physiologist starts around ft, the altitude where the body senses changes in the oxygen level and starts to respond by increasing breathing. Ski resorts in Colorado range from base areas of , ft, to elevations of close to 13, ft, while 54 peaks go to over 14, ft.

Common Reason For High Blood Pressure - Sodium consumption is an important factor of developmental essential hypertension. Studies also show that low dietary intake of calcium, potassium, and magnesium can contribute to the progress of hypertension.

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