The expectations and reality of college life

Bookmark The transition from high school to college is different for everyone. Students often set up expectations for college, and the reality compared to those expectations can be daunting. The good news is that college campuses have a plethora of options to help students deal with this transition and ease some of the emotional burden. You drag yourself out of bed after calculating how much this class is costing you.

The expectations and reality of college life

With the way Greek life is portrayed in the media and in television shows and movies it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. With this post I hope to give you the real low-down on what to expect when you join a Greek letter organization.

Party Central A popular Greek life stereotype that you see on movies and television shows is constant partying.

Well, I hate to burst your bubble but college is not just one big party. There are grade point averages that need to be met in order to be a part of a Greek letter organization—and even then most organizations want your GPA to be well over that.

Most organizations require a 2. I am not saying that people in Greek letter organizations hate parties, but you are more likely to spend your night studying away than partying. Money and Gold and Rich People Another Greek stereotype is that all people in Greek life are rich and have a ton of money.

People who join Greek life are not rich. So many of my sisters have jobs outside of the sorority. Dues do not pay themselves. Some people set up special payment plans with the treasurer so they can afford the dues without being late.

The sorority tries to do whatever they can so that people can pay dues on time and pay an amount that is comfortable for them. You Pay for Friends One big stereotype about Greek life is that you are paying for your friends. Obviously that is not the case. If you join an organization you pay money but not for your friends.

You pay for activities that you and your friends can enjoy. If you join a nationally known organization you pay a certain amount in national dues. Your national dues go to your chapter and the other chapters your national sorority has to offer lots of national activities such as leadership conferences, scholarships, and paying for the salaries of the people who work for your national organization.

With your local dues you are paying for all the wonderful activities your chapter does like recruitment, tailgates, formals and semi-formals, sisterhoods, et cetera. Me and my sisters on Bid Day! Picture courtesy of my sister Christina H. Here are some things you should expect when you join a Greek letter organization!

The expectations and reality of college life

Giving and Volunteering Greek people love to volunteer and give their time to others. Greek people give so much to organizations each year. They volunteer countless hours and give countless amounts of money to organizations that are important to them and their national Greek letter organizations.

Volunteering is at the forefront of all Greek life organizations. We all have a philanthropy that we try to raise money for through events and volunteer for yearly. Greek organizations love to volunteer! Family Away from Family You will find your family while you are away from your real family.

They can build you up and make you a better person than what you were before. They are the people you can turn to for advice when you need help. New friends, new adventures, and new events abound.

So many new experiences are headed your way when you join Greek life!Raise expectations beyond reality's capacity to meet them, and misery follows. The reverse applies, too: you can make people happier, studies suggest, by delivering bad news, then withdrawing it.

This subreddit is for all of those images that display expectation vs reality. Another common variation of this can be "What you think you look like vs what you actually look like." Don't post websites that lead to Subscribers: K.

Living the college dorm life triggers lots of positive emotions, thoughts, and feelings. I’m here to tell you not to get your hopes up. Don’t get me wrong, college dorm life is a bucket of fun, but keep these expectations (and their realities) in mind.

In reality, Halloween parties are just like any other college frat party, where there are rules about getting in. You either need to have a decent guy-to-girl ratio, or “refreshments” to get in.

Without either of the two, there’s a very small chance of you getting in. Reality Expectations 4. College life anagane, abbayilu stylish jeans and pants anukuntaru and ammailu fashionista ga maripodam anukuntaru, but reality sangathi meku telisindega.

College Expectations Vs. Reality So, maybe college isn't everything that you expected, but you can agree that it's one of the best times of your life. Bailey Russell Like I said, even though I have only experienced a months of the college life, you find things out very quickly.

You realize that college isn’t like the movies and Instagram.

Expectation Vs. Reality