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If lawyers fail to persuade a federal judge to release Massport from a negligence case filed by a Boston family, Logan International Airport could be exposed to its first liability claim in the Sept. Hellerstein will hear arguments on whether Massport should remain a defendant in the wrongful death case of Mark Bavis. It is the last Sept. Bavis was a year-old hockey scout who was killed when United Flight crashed into the World Trade Center South Tower after being hijacked by terrorists who boarded at Logan.

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In a strongly worded filing issued last week, Massport asked to be released from the wrongful-death case that Mary Bavis of Roslindale filed nine years ago, contending that hijackers were able to board United Airlines Flight in Boston because of negligence by United and Massport, among other defendants.

Before the transformative terrorist attacks inpassenger screening was the duty of the airlines, who subcontracted with security companies to provide it. A spokesman for Massport also declined to speak to the case, pointing instead to the details of the latest filing. Hellerstein of New York, but it remains uncertain whether Massport will be a defendant.

In that June 24 filing, her lawyers maintained that the airport did have some role in screening and that its possible culpability should be fully aired in court.

The filing also noted that Logan was concerned enough about security that it hired a consultant to conduct a top-to-bottom security audit in March Regulations in no way permit, condone, support or suggest such a hapless excuse by Massport to its security responsibilities. While most families who lost loved ones in the attacks agreed to settlements through the public September 11 Victim Compensation Fund, the Bavis family has held out for their day in court, hoping to expose security problems that led up to the attacks.

Stephanie Ebbert can be reached at ebbert globe. Follow her on Twitter StephanieEbbert.Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) is proposing to reconstruct Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) Runway 4RL (RWY 4RL) during the summer of This Initial Environmental Review (IER) is intended to provide information about the proposed project to better assist in preparing for the environmental analysis phase.

The flight was commemorated with a flag-raising ceremony by Massport, LATAM Airlines, and local officials. The new route reflects an ever-expanding catalog of locales serviced by Boston Logan International Airport — the 55th international destination so far.

Summary Status and Activity Reporting Metrofire Control operates on the UHF frequency of MHz and all community dispatch centers in the district will communicate with the control center and each other on this frequency. No portable or mobile radios will operate on this frequency.

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Massport CAC General Meeting March 9, Submitted by Myron Kassaraba, Treasurer Representative, Town of Belmont 03/09/ Massport CAC 6 March 1, Dear Massport CAC Members, Attached is a summary for CAC Expenditures for FY ’17 through the end of February.

Through the first four months of FY’17 we have spent $.

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The Final Record of Decision summarizes the phases of site investigation, human health and ecological risk assessments, and Feasibility Study and presents the selected alternative for remedial action to address contamination risk at the site.

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