Studying alone vs studying in groups essay

A problem that many students face is procrastination. Living away from home and being in college, you have so much time on your hands and it is up to you on what you do with it.

Studying alone vs studying in groups essay

This is simply for the reason that I do not like distractions, which group studying would definitely provide. The only exception my preferences is helping someone study.

I find this to be extremely effective when trying to learn material.

Studying alone vs studying in groups essay

To me, if I can teach someone else something, I know that topic well enough. If I can not teach someone to do it then I clearly need to look at it again. Overall though, I would rather study by myself while listening to music because movement and other distractions would cause me to focus less on what I am studying.

Jennifer Lee Wales October 21, at 2: With finals and midterms coming up, the question of the best way to study is almost always on my mind.

You did a really great job at displaying all the positive and negative aspects of each option. There are also other variables involved such as what the subject is, how many people are studying together, what time it is and the location. Kristen Lauren Mckenzie October 21, at 1: Throughout high school and even my first semester at Penn State I enjoy studying alone, I just feel that I focus better and can get more work done.

That is when I think study groups are beneficial because you can always get easy help from your peers. I do agree with you when you say that you are often has strong as your weakest link, but I think that problem can be resolved by selecting your study group wisely.

To improve the experiment I believe that you could find people with the same intelligence whether that be similar IQ scores or SAT scores so that the results will make more sense. Alyssa Hope Cooper October 21, at You did a good job showing the advantages and disadvantages for both types of studying.

I am someone who can study in both environments, it depends on the subject. However, if it is a test where I just need to review my notes, I like to study alone. An interesting experiment that could be done is have two groups, one group all the people study alone and the other group they all study together they are taking the same test.

Then after giving them 2 days to study, give them the test and see which group scored higher. They are all taking the same test and studying in the same location so there are no confounding variables. Rebecca Danielle Schneider October 21, at 1: I personally usually study best by myself because I get too distracted with friends and have difficulty concentrating around them.

But like you said, everyone has their own method in getting the best results. I think it would be really cool if there was a study done right here at Penn State that interviewed students of all different grades on whether they liked to study alone or in a group.

From this data, we could see which is more common among us. There would definitely be confounding variables such as the amount of people that constitutes a group, the location of studying, etc.

Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Mar 19,  · Though studying in a group can prove to be more productive than studying alone, depending on your preferred study habits, the chances of being distracted are greater when there are a lot of people in one regardbouddhiste.comon: 90 Willis Avenue Ste , Mineola, , NY.

Social Learning: Studying Alone vs. Study Groups. Groups boost your motivation as you study harder out of fear of holding the group back.

For competitive people, groups even motivate members to beat each others’ knowledge. It can be tempting to see these benefits and focus solely on group study, but it is important for all students not to.

Pro’s for Studying Alone: A problem that many students face when it comes to study groups is distraction. Meeting up with your friends to study can quickly go from studying Economics and trying to understand the Law of Demand, to a discussion about fantasy football rankings.

Studying in Groups: A Way to Share Information. During college studies there are many courses that are difficult because of their complicated nature. Studying in groups can provide lot of assistance and an opportunity to share one’s personal perspectives.

It can help everyone in . Studying Alone vs. Group Study: Which is Better? This is a guest post written by Thomas Edison State College.

Every student has their own studying preferences and priorities; some prefer to immerse themselves in a certain environment, while others study best at certain times of the day.

Reading the content of a text book is not studying; in fact, studying involves thorough understanding of the topic. Incorporated with this is good concentration and involvement. This can be achieved either by studying alone or studying in groups.

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