Starting a career in creative writing

Creative writing majors may pursue careers as published authors, editors, professors, and freelancers. Writers and authors tend to earn above average income, according to the U.

Starting a career in creative writing

The standard response at dinner parties is often 'Oh, so you're an author?

Starting a career in creative writing

Getty 'So you write novels? Either that, or 'Oh, so you're a journalist? But writing for business? Most people at most parties have never even heard of it.

Yet I've been making a living from business writing for years. True, I started off as an advertising copywriter myself. But back inI'd never heard of business writing either. Some 13 years later, writing for business is a business in itself and I'm a creative director at The Writer, a language consultancy that specialises purely in words.

Business is booming too, as more and more companies are realising the power of words to breathe new life and personality into their brands, and boost their bottom line. Career options for writers Some companies are taking brand language so seriously, they're creating new jobs in-house.

In recent years we've seen clients as diverse as telecoms companies and management consultancies appointing their own heads of brand language: That might involve working with creative agencies like ours to define the company's language, and in some cases globe-trotting around different offices to train people to write in that language.

Although heads of brand language are a very new thing, most big companies have been employing their own writers for years, especially in areas like internal communications, web writing and new business.

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Some companies, for example, have teams of bid writers to help them win new contracts. And there are many more people in areas like HR, customer service and PR who wouldn't call themselves 'writers', but do spend most of their days writing at work.

Starting a career in creative writing

Then of course there are the creative agencies like brand consultancies, web agencies, design agencies and language consultancies that employ both full-time and freelance writers. Whether you decide to work for an agency, a client or yourself, the choice for business writers has never been bigger.

One minute you might be writing a blog for a bank or a poem for a crisp packet, the next you might be interviewing a CEO for an annual report.

Or you can specialise, in anything from social media to corporate responsibility to web editing. Starting out as a specialist in a particular subject can actually be an advantage. So a qualification in IT today could see you writing the manual for the next big smartphone tomorrow.

And a law degree could be put to good, creative use if you can translate and rewrite legalese into something that's easier to understand and more fun to read. Your options aren't limited to writing, either. Even at The Writer, we don't just write.

We help companies define the language they use.Writing, the simple act of putting pen to paper, is challenging enough on its own. But most writers have no problem putting in the creative effort. Creative writing is effectively a hobby that many people turn into a career.

After all, you do not find many writers out there that hate writing. Some 13 years later, writing for business is a business in itself and I'm a creative director at The Writer, a language consultancy that specialises purely in words.

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Creative Writing and Journaling; Filmmaking and Movie Production web ads, and more. That means regardless of where you live, you can launch a full or part-time career as a copywriter.

The Average Income of a Creative Writing Major

A copywriting gig is a natural fit. Freelance Writing Jobs Online for Beginners. Five years ago, I announced to my friends and family that I was quitting my decent-paying job for an uncertain future as a freelance writer.

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