Persuasive essay about taking risks

It is a multifaceted problem that can be discussed from different aspects, including legal, ethical, philosophical, moral, religious and medical.

Persuasive essay about taking risks

These challenges can be so daunting and demanding that it places the person in not just a weird external state but also a peculiar state of mind.

There are hardly any people in the world who make it a point in their life to take steps that are too farfetched or have stakes that are too high.

Almost every individual finds it easier and more convenient to take steps that are safe and secure them for the present and for the future. Anyone who has spent even a year in the practical world would agree that this is not how life can be lived.

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The entire essence of life demands people to challenge themselves and push themselves off the edge just to see if they can fly — that is the true meaning of life. When one dives into a situation where the end point or the result is unknown and cannot even be anticipated based on the current circumstances, it means they are taking a risk.

These are not hard core decisions but mere choices that individuals have to take because they pose a better likelihood in the future. It cannot be claimed that if one has a safe job, they will always remain employed and have complete job security.

An unstable and an unconventional job might become a constant source of income for several people. Though this might be true for various people, but in some cases, where the decision lies in another human and not on fate, taking a bold risk exemplifies your confidence in yourself and that is a valuable but rare quality in humans.

Hence, if you have a risk to take and are torn between a safe and a risky option, tell yourself this: The risk you are willing to take might give you a once in a lifetime chance to explore not just your abilities and potentials but also to live your dream.

Taking a risk and actually have it work out for you might make you feel more confident about your own abilities and make you feel good about the things you can achieve in life.

Taking a risk makes it easier for you to come up with ideas and innovations that you were too scared to try and test before.

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Taking a risk opens up an entire new world of possibilities for you. It makes you feel like there is no end to your passion. Above all, taking a risk is the best way to overcome your own weaknesses and confusions.

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Taking a risk opens up an entire new world of possibilities for you.

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It makes you feel like there is no end to your passion. Above all, taking a risk is the best way to overcome your own weaknesses and confusions.

Persuasive essay about taking risks

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Risk taking can bring either positive or negative result because anytime we take risks in life, there is a possibility of loss which can cause tension. There are a lot of people who take big risks and appear not to be affected by them.

Risk taking is necessary for all writers to uptake because it is a learning process, which leads to understating our inner critic and finding of our voice during the writing process.

The most important thing that we can do before writing an essay is to get a very clear meaning on what a risk is.

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