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Passport form

Please note that there is no priority processing service offered at the Guangzhou Passport Office. Lodging your application Applications may be lodged between 9: Completed applications can Passport form lodged in person at the Consulates-General in Guangzhou and Shanghai, Chengdu, or the Embassy in Beijing.

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Mailed applications for adult passport renewal may be accepted under exceptional circumstances, please contact us for details if you cannot visit the Consulate-General for passport renewal.

The Authorised Officer has the discretion to request any applicant who is applying for a passport to attend the Consulate-General for a personal interview.

The suggested procedure for preparing your application form is as follows. Find out which type of passport form you need 2. Obtain a passport application form by: Complete the application form.

Click here for passport photo requirements.

Passport form

Check the application has been completed correctly: Lodge your application at the passport office based on your location. Please read the information below to determine which passport form you will need to complete.

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Australian passport renewal application PC7 The following conditions must be met in order to qualify for a PC7 form: Passport applications that require the completion of a PC8 form include: PC8 applicants must find a suitable guarantor to complete the application form and endorse the passport photo.

Please click here for guarantor requirements. Please be aware the following will apply from 1 January Both the child and a parent will be required to attend the appointment and the parental consent page must be completed.

Instead frequent losers of passports will have their passport validity reduced. The standard processing time for passport application is 3 weeks.

As passports are printed in Australia, we are unable to offer a priority processing service. Fees are revised on a monthly basis.

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Fees are payable in Chinese RMB only. For a list of current passport fees go to the Consular Current Fees page.Passport applicants can download and print the application form for Fresh/Reissue of Passport/Diplomatic or Official Passport/Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)/Identity Certificate/LoC Note: The large book option is for those who frequently travel abroad during the passport validity period, and is recommended for applicants who have previously required the addition of visa Before you may enter your personal information to get a passport, you must review the Department of State’s Privacy and Computer Fraud and Abuse Acts Notices and.

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Living abroad. Includes tax, State Pension, benefits and UK government services abroad. Passports. Eligibility, fees, applying, renewing and  · Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc.

would like to thank the public for the support and inputs throughout the years in making the appointment system an effective  · Application Form - To complete the application for a passport book, card, or both together, first do one of the following: Fill out the application online.

Use the Passport Application Wizard to step through the process of filling out the

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