Kansai digital phone case

In the logo, the "ic" is highlighted, standing for the initialism of integrated circuit in "IC card", which in turn is common Japanese vernacular for smart card. An additional meaning comes from the ideophone "sui sui" which means "to move smoothly", intended to highlight the smooth simplicity of using the card compared with traditional train tickets. Since penguins can also swim smoothly through water, a penguin is used as a motif. Uses[ edit ] While Suica's primary usage is as a fare card for transportation services, it can also be used as electronic money for general purchases.

Kansai digital phone case

Categories of personal information collected Through the above collection methods, the types of personal information EVA AIR collects may include: Personal identifiers, including but not limited to: Identifiers of personal finance, including but not limited to: Identifiers issued by government agencies, including but not limited to: Personal details, including but not limited to: Residence and housing facilities, including but not limited to: Travel and other migration details, including but not limited to: Leisure activities and hobbies, including but not limited to: Occupations, including but not limited to: Compensations, including but not limited to: Health records, including but not limited to medical reports, treatment and diagnostic records, physical exam results, types and levels of disabilities, expiry date and number of disabled certificate, contact persons, etc.

Uncategorized information, including but not limited to: Usage period, regions, targets and methods of using the personal information collected Usage period: The period of use of the personal information mentioned above is based on the duration of collection of the specified purpose, or as determined by applicable laws e.

The length of time for the contract to preserve the data.

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In addition to applying the collected personal information in ticket purchase, and any other pre-paid service, EVA Air will also use the information in the following areas: Ticketing notice, Certificate of Ticket Issuance, Receipt, Invoice, fare information, purchasing information and online related services, etc.

Financial transactions and authorization: Email, App and text messaging services: The personal information you provide is processed via computerized instruments, with the required cross border data transmission to the Company and its contractors, agencies, subsidiaries, associated companies, group, immigration authorities of the arrival country and business partners, for the provision of products and services.

The Company shall make every effort to ensure that its employees, agents, contractors, agencies, subsidiaries, associated companies, group and partner service providers observe and adhere to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

When you book or purchase peripheral services e. We promise that, without your consent, we will neither disclose your personal information to a third party irrelevant to the named service nor use it for any purpose other than that aforementioned, with the following exceptions: Your personal information may be disclosed, or used, in cooperation with legal investigations initiated by judicial authorities or authorities concerned as per duties and responsibilities.EVA AIR is committed to protecting your privacy.

You are encouraged to know all your rights about using the services of this website provided by EVA Airways Corporation (hereinafter ‘the Company’ or ‘EVA AIR’). Kansai Cool: A Journey into the Cultural Heartland of Japan [Christal Whelan] on regardbouddhiste.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In Kansai Cool anthropologist, writer and filmmaker Christal Whelan offers profound insights in the only collection of essays to focus on Kansai.

Kansai digital phone case

Overall Case Summary Ted Katagi was recently put in charge of turning around the struggling Kansai Digital Phone Company. They are trying to compete in the Kansai market against three main competitors (DoCoMo, Cellular, Tu-Ka) and three PHS startups.

COLIN WHITE is a Professor in the Graduate School of Management at La Trobe University, Australia. The school, which he established, has an international reputation, with links to over universities worldwide, and offers teaching and training programs throughout Asia.

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Kansai Digital Phone Zutto Gaining Japanese Loyalty Harvard Case Study Solution and Analysis of Case Study Solution & AnalysisIn most courses studied at Harvard Business schools, students are provided with a case study.

Major HBR cases concerns on. Nov 24,  · The Asahi Shimbun is widely regarded for its journalism as the most respected daily newspaper in Japan. The English version offers selected articles from the vernacular Asahi Shimbun.

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