How to write a book reviews

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How to write a book reviews

The book tells the stories of kind Edward, pompous Gordon and foolish Henry.

Hockey Book

He promises a splendid sight when he rushes through with the Express, however, all that Gordon gets to pull that day is dirty trucks, and they prove too much for him as he becomes stranded on a hill, and has to be rescued by Edward.

Despite feeling unappreciated, Edward gets his reward when his Driver promises him a smart new coat of paint! They try pulling him out and pushing him out, but in the end, have to give up and leave him where he is to teach him a lesson.

He is given a new coat of paint following his troubles, and chooses to be painted blue to match his new friends. Thomas the Tank Engine contains some of my favourite, and arguably best stories to be told in the Railway Series as a whole and showcase a great character in plucky and determined little Thomas.

A cheeky little thing, Thomas goes too far when he teases Gordon the big engine, who begins plotting revenge against him. Gordon ceases a chance to get his own back when Thomas is remained coupled to the back of his Express train, and he takes Thomas on a high speed run that he will never forget!

He longs to see the world and gets his chance for a passenger run when Henry takes ill. Despite this, he returns back to the station to try again, and this time pulls the train. But he is subject to teasing for a while due to his folly! Fortunately, Thomas has a safe escape and stops in front of the buffers, only to find the Fat Director waiting for him.

He gives Thomas another chance to prove himself with trucks, and allows him to shunt them in the yard for a few weeks. One day in the yard, he spots a new engine, James, speeding through with his brake-blocks on fire.

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At long last, his hopes and dreams had been realised. These four stories tell of James the red engine, who, after his crash in Thomas The Tank Engine, settles down to be really useful. He also has trouble with trucks, coaches and top hats, but proves himself after Gordon makes a mistake.

Then after double heading a train with Edward, he gets hiccoughs and startles an old lady making her drop her parcels! The guard reckons they could mend it with Newspaper and a Leather Bootlace, and they manage to do so, but not before a reluctant passenger refuses to part with his bootlaces!

But they try to make him give up by causing one delay after another, including breaking away.

how to write a book reviews

But their attempts are all but vain as James triumphs over them and the Fat Director is pleased with him. After that, Gordon and James become good friends, especially since they both disagree with trucks!

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Both carry passengers, except Clarabel also carries the guard as well. One day, after Poorly Henry is late at the Junction, Thomas sets off to make up for lost time. However, in his haste, he leaves the guard behind, and they only realise it when they stop at a signal and wait for the Guard to catch up.Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

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how to write a book reviews

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